Objectives of Pramila Memorial Advanced School


The motto of the school is to enrich students with proper knowledge. Let knowledge lead to wisdom and let wisdom bring courage, courage to know more and courage to face life.
The main aim and objective of the school is to nurture, encourage a small bud to blossom into a flower, i.e. overall development of a child's personality. The child is made to be aware of the world around gradually through the process of learning. The process includes coloring, musical classes, playing sessions, value education, group discussion etc. Child must start looking beyond himself and development of a child's personality is emphasized in the total learning process. As the regular school subjects are inter-related and interwoven the teachers try to co-relate those with everyday life and a child learns to evaluate things in the light of his own experience.

The method of teaching includes participation of all the students and involves pupils in the learning process through sharing. This might inculcate the feeling of unity, togetherness and brotherhood amongst the pupils. The school teaches secularity through education and induces the pupils to follow the same.
The aim of the school is also to build firm characters and health of a child and make his existence a purposeful one.


The school sends candidates for the Indian School Certificate Examination at class X level & XII level (3 streams) every year. The board results of our students have been outstanding year after year with a sizeable number of students getting above 95%.