Calendar of Pramila Memorial Institute

School Calender 2019-2020
Month Day Date Programme
March Monday 25.03.19 Session commences for Pre-primary & Primary Sections (Half-Day)
Tuesday 26.03.19 Session commences for Secondary Section (Half-Day)
April Sunday 14.04.19 Ambedkar Jayanti (Holiday)
Monday 15.04.19 Bengali New Year (Holiday)
Friday 19.04.19 Good Fridkay (Holiday)
May Wednesday 01.05.19 May Day (Holiday)
Thursday 09.05.19 Rabindra Jayanti (Holiday)
Monday 13.05.19 1st Unit Test Commences
Saturday    18.05.19 Summer Vacation Commences
June Wednesday 05.06.19 Id Ul Fitr (Holiday)
Friday 14.06.19 School re-opens (Half-Day)
Wednesday 19.06.19 First unit test result and PTM
July Thursday 04.07.19 Rath Yatra (Half-Day)
Friday 19.07.19 Pre-Primary 1st term Examination Result and PTM
August Monday 12.08.19 Id-Ud-Zoha (Holiday)
Thursday 15.08.19 Independence Day Celebration Flag Hosting Ceremony)
Saturday 17.08.19 Half-Yearly Examination begins
Friday 23.08.19 Janmastami (Holiday)
September Thursday 05.09.19 Teachers Day (Half-Day)
Tuesday 10.09.19 Muharram (Holiday)
Saturday 28.09.19 Mahalaya (Holiday)
October Tuesday 01.10.19 Half-yearly Results & PTM
Wednesday 02.10.19 Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)
Thursday                            to         Monday 03.10.19                  to                  14.10.19 Puja Holidays
Tuesday 15.10.19 School Reopens after Puja Holidays (Full Day School)
Saturday      to     Wednesday 26.10.19      to                    30.10.19 Diwali Holidays
Thursday 31.10.19 School Reopens after Diwali (Full Day School)
November Sunday 10.11.19 Fateha-Doaz-Daham (Holiday)
Tuesday 12.11.19 Guru Nanak's Birthday (Holiday)
Thursday 14.11.19 Childrens' Day Celebrations
Friday 15.11.19 Pre-Primary Second term Result and PTM
Monday 25.11.19 2nd Unit Test Commences
December 3rd Week   Annual Programme
Tuesday 24.12.19 Winter Holidays Commences
Wednesday 25.12.19 Jesus Christ's Birthday (Holiday)
January Thursday 02.01.20 School Foundation Day (Holiday)
Monday 06.01.20 School Re-Opens (Full Day School)
Thursday 23.01.20 Netaji's Birthday (Holiday)
Sunday 26.01.20 Republic Day Celebration 
Wednesday 29.01.20 Saraswati Puja (Holiday)
February 2nd Week   Annual Examination Commences
March Monday 09.03.20 Dol Yatra (Holiday)
Tuesday 10.03.20 Holi (Holiday)
2nd & 3rd Week   Annual Examination Results Declaration
The End.