Nature of Evaluation of Pramila Memorial Advanced School

Unit Test 40% 100 %
First Terminal Examination 60%
Unit Test   100%
Second Terminal Examination
Unit Test 40% 100%
Annual Examination  60%


PRIMARY CLASSES NUR - II - Progress reports will be given out thrice a year. This will be based on class tests & unit tests throughout the year and on the Annual Examination. Therefore steady progress throughout the year is necessary for promotion. The Pass marks for each subject is 40%.

CLASS III - X: Progress reports will be given out thrice a year. Two terminal exams will be held and to assess a child's steady progress, class tests and unit tests will also be held throughout the year. A percentage of marks from these tests will be added to the terminal examinations.  The Second terminal Examination progress report will be totally based on unit test marks. The pass marks for each subject is 35%. Promotions may be refused if the attendance of a student is less than 80%. Students of classes IX & X will not be sent up for the Council examinations if the attendance is less than 80%. Unit tests will commence from 29th March onwards.